• Urban Straight Line

    Urban Straight Line

    Urban Straight Line is well suited for all surroundings with its straight design.
    It is designed in close collaboration with landscape architect Marianne Rimer from GHB Landscape Architects A/S.

    Urban Straight Line
  • Arrow bench

    Arrow bench

    Arrow is a modern designed bench which looks great as a single bench as well as part of a larger arranged group.

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  • E-bench


    Urban Elements has produced "E-benken" (E-bench) in cooperation with the Norwegian company Norfax.
    E-benken is a new project being tested in Oslo which aims to make the city safer and to transform deserted places into meeting places.
    The bench provides light and electricity for mobile phones, social events etc. and access to free wifi.

  • Lighting from Platek

    Lighting from Platek

    The elegant Moon bollard light has a body made of extruded alluminium alloy, which is corrosion resistant.
    The LED light source is integrated in he aluminium body to avoid vandalism. No visible screws.

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